Rotary rack oven with rear heat exchanger, 25,000 kcal/h, 1.5 kW
Power Type Gas
Power 1.5 kW
Dimensions 1000х1420хh2000 mm
GALILEO series: digital control panel with lcd screen and led display, 30 storable programs (DIGIT); touch screen control panel with 7” TFT, 99 multiphase programs with products’ images and USB port programmable steam damper (TOUCH); digital weekly programmable ignition system (2 daily) (DIGIT, TOUCH); electromechanical control panel, mechanical programmable ignition system device (PRO); 2-speed baking fan, upper hook turning system (hanging rack), hood with steam exhauster, double glazed door with opening 180°, thermal insulation with constant density rockwool panels, stainless steel outer panels, patented steam generator (massive production with quick recovery time) (PRO, DIGIT, TOUCH); “motorized” steam damper (DIGIT, TOUCH); manual steam damper (PRO); external electric box (peaceable on top or on the side), oven delivered unassembled (on request in 2/3 blocks or assembled) (PRO, DIGIT, TOUCH). Trays: 40x60 – 45x55 – 50x50 cm (SP). Consumption per hour: 25,000 kcal/h. C = combustion version (burner NOT included).