Wall-mounted hood trapezoidal in stainless steel 120x70, 640 m3
Model 30121026
Power Type Electrical
Dimensions 1200х700x450 mm
Weight 28 kg
Material: stainless steel AISI430 body. Main features: stable construction with safely folded edges burrfree and with U-guide profile, set inclined for mounting aerosol separator with a grease drain cock in the deep-drawn area. One-side positioned filter, air vents in the middle. Fire-retardant filter type F2 (earlier B) (dishwasher safe) effectively separates fat fumes and it should not be applied over the thermal equipment with a high fire hazard. It is recommended to regularly clean the grease channels together with the grease filter. Filters No.: 2, dimensions: 40x40x25 mm. Prewired integrated energy efficient LED spot lighting (rated voltage: 230V 50-60Hz, 5W). Incl. aerosol separator (grease filter/ fire-retardant filter) 25 mm thick for vapours and aerosol trapping and separation. Factory-made cutout for connecting with the ventilating duct. Air flow rate: 640 m3. Ideal for cooking, dispensing dishes or dishwashing area. Please control pressure loss across duct fittings and the filter. Incl. aerosol separator, LED spot light emitter, fire-retardant filter type B.